The Battle of the Lipsticks!

Hello everyone. Welcome to my blog. Thanks for stopping by and reading some post. I wanted to compare Frog Prince and Hello Sailor. Tell you which one I think is better. From two previous post you may already know my decision, though it could change. You never know.

So here is the battle between Frog Prince and Hello Sailor!!

Hello Sailor:hellosailor_1_
Hello Sailor, a sheer blackberry color that’s making the waves selling for $25. There is 0.12oz/3.5g of product in each tube. With it’s ultra-modern, navy blue sheer lips tint in a cool, berry tone with a hint of sapphire turning a sheer plum on the lips. This lipstick treats your lips with Vitamin E and from the blue tones makes teeth look whiter. Can be worn alone or paired with Saint or Sinner berry shades lipstick collections.

Frog Prince:frog_prince_smoosh_2
Frog Prince, a gloss-like lipstick is described as a “Magical Rosebud”. This lipstick has the same amount of product in tube as Hello Sailor and the same selling price. Rather than a navy blue color, Frog Prince has an emerald green color that transforms into a fairy tale pink or a “magical rosebud” upon contact to lips. This semi-sheer lipstick’s green color “reacts with the warmth of your lips turning them an intense, fairy tale rose.” Lipstick Queen claims that no two pairs of lips will look the same. Why? Because this lipstick adapts to the individuals pH balance and natural coloring. Due to this differing to each whom apply, this is a flattering shade for all. Like Hello Sailor, this lipstick contains Vitamin E. The website didn’t specifically state whether or not the other lipstick contained Shea Butter, but this lipstick does. With both Vitamin E and Shea Butter, your lips feel “soft, hydrated, and deliciously kissable”. True love was made to last and according to Lipstick Queen, so shall this enchanting shade! So, are you ready to be kissed by a frog?

Now that both lipsticks have had their spotlight, it’s time to see who wins. Whatever the results, please don’t take it as I am one-sided. These two lipsticks are in its own way interesting and creative. They both are fun. They both, a lot would say are gimmicky. Whatever my thoughts are may not be the same as yours. As the saying goes, “To each its own.” If you would like to comment on your reasoning why you agree or disagree with my decision, please do.

Pigmentation: I think Frog Prince had the best outcome on pigmentation when applying to my lips. This immediately did turn into a flattering shade of pink without showing dark areas of my lips. They say it’s a semi-sheer color that once applied will turn an intense shade of fairy tale rose. For me and others I have watched on Youtube review this shade, I feel like it has worked. This applied on my lips with a sheerness that changed to an intense berry mauve.
As for Hello Sailor, the pigment was sheer once applied. There is a slight change, but not much difference. It took me a couple tries to get this working. One day during the weekend when I had no work, I applied this on my lips because I found if I apply it, I need to reapply throughout the day or else my lips feel drying and chapped with a pinkish/purplish waxy-peel. After applying every couple of hours, that was when the lipstick showed a more deeper shade of plumyness.
Because of its easy application and immediate results that last all day without the drying/chapping effect, I am giving a thumbs up to… Frog Prince! I will say, however, Frog Prince did eventually have a waxy peel on the inside of my lips. But it wasn’t as much. And it may have been due to the reapplying throughout the day. It did create a nice stain on my lips that really didn’t need reapplying. I just wanted the more glossiness  effect and wasn’t sure whether or not my lips would feel dry/chapped before my work day ended.

Lasting: Frog Prince lasted with its beautiful stain. However, as I said before, there was a slight waxy-peel. It wasn’t as bad as the other lipstick, though. And I think it was because I had reapplied the lipstick before my break ended thinking it would help keep my lips from drying and chapping before it was time to head on home.
With Hello Sailor, I had more dry/chapped lip feeling. And eventually this leaves more than a slight peeling on my lips (and it’s not just on the inside of the lips). I don’t feel like it is long lasting due to that.
From this, I have to go with another thumbs up for… Frog Prince!

Does it work: Now, do these lipsticks work? Does it? Do they? Do they really work? You tell me 😉
The left two pictures: Hello Sailor and the right two pictures: Frog Prince.

Moisturizing: They both are moisturizing and glossy. It’s more of a lip balm feel with a lipstick stain after the balm wears off.
Flattering: They both are quite flattering on me. However, I am loving the Frog Prince more. Sometimes the plummy stain from Hello Sailor can be a bit too much. I prefer the magical rosebud lips for a daily shade. Course, this is coming from a lady who wears dark burgundy-like colors (such as: Kat Von D’s Prayer and Katy Kat Matte in Maroon Meow are only two I can think of right now) daily to work 😛 (hehe)
Timing: Timing… how long does it take to change color. Is it immediate? Is it, is it, IS IT???? Well… yes and depends.
Yes for Frog Prince and depends for Hello Sailor. Why? I find Hello Sailor a bit slower in changing. But that’s only if it changes. At first, I couldn’t get the color change. I just had a bluish glossy-lip balm all over my lips when I first applied. When replying to an email the company sent me, I told them this and how it started peeling and didn’t last too long on my lips.The company recommended using a lip balm underneath. Lip balm??? This already has a lip balm effect. And doesn’t that just defeat its purpose? It’s supposed to change to your pH balance and naturalness of your skin I thought. SKIN. Not your lip balm. I did try it though and it didn’t help much. Exfoliating my lips did help more. Sometimes the color was a light plummy shade. Other times more intense. It wasn’t my favorite plummy shade, but that’s because I am not used to of the shade it gave. Eventually, I found that adding the lipstick throughout the day intensified and stained my lips more. The plumyness showed more. And I actually did like it. However, I didn’t love it for an everyday wear. Off the topic. “COME BACK!!!” Says the Sailor. Hello Sailor. You only lasted long when my lips finally got stained.
Frog Prince, you are the prince! This one once applied on my lips I found it turning from a sheerness to a nice berry mauve color. And this berry mauve had lasted until my lunch break. I think it would have lasted longer, however, I did reapply at that time to get the gloss effect.

So, what do you all think? Thanks for stopping by my blog. Have a good night.

*peace&God Bless*

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