Lipstick Queen’s Frog Prince

Hello everyone. Two nights ago I straightened my hair. Yesterday and today I had some older kids questioning me something different with my hair  or if I had straightened it. Only one teacher questioned me yesterday interested in how long the hair will last straightened. A lot more of the kids seemed to notice. Reminded me of this one girl noticing when I didn’t have any eyeliner on. She whispered to me, “You forgot the eyeliner.” I thought it was funny and cute the way she said it. From that day I haven’t left the house without eyeliner. LOL.

I had purchased Frog Prince, one of Lipstick Queen’s popular lipsticks. Frog Prince collection consist of lipstick, blush, and lipgloss. Being I’m not into lipgloss much and the glittery/shimmery aspect of the lipgloss, I didn’t purchase the lipgloss. As for the blush, I have decided to not get it. Some youtubers I have watched are iffy on whether or not the blush is good. Some people used to apply some lipstick on their cheeks. Blend that out into a nice blush and you get a twofer from your lipstick. I find the collection overpriced to buy the whole collection. But I also find I am loving the lipstick A LOT!

Emerald Green… when I hear emerald, I think of Wizard of Oz’s Emerald City… does that sound weird?

Anyways, Frog Prince lipstick is emerald green in the tube. When applying this shade quickly turns to a nice pinkish finish based on your pH and skin tone. Color change range from watching youtubers review this are a nice dusty rose to a berry mauve.

Priced at &25, this glossy lipstick weighs 0.12oz/3.5g and is described as a “magical rosebud”. Lipstick Queen‘s site claims this as a semi-sheer lipstick. To me, I find it not semi-sheer. It has a good pigment to my lips and the color starts changing immediately once I apply  it. The green reacts to the warmth of your lips turning lips into a fairy tale rose.

Frog Prince contains Vitamin E and Shea Butter. It is made to last. Once applied there is a nice gloss-like finish that is moisturizing. After couple hours wear, this gloss will fade. Even after fading this gives a nice flattering stain to your lips. My lips felt moisturizers even after the gloss wore off; however, I still reapplied during lunch break, by the end of my work shift my lips felt a bit dry and a bit of pinkish pealing on the inside. I don’t know if it’s due to reapplying or if it would have resulted in this if I hadn’t reapplied.

Overall, I’m glad I tried this shade. I do have other shades in this company’s collection- Medieval, Jean Queen, Eden, Hello Sailor, and Queen Bee- a lip treatment. In a previous post I rated which is my least and most favorite. If I had to add this one, I would add it to #1. Yes, like all say this lipstick is a gimmick. $25 for a color changing lipstick. How absurd!

Still, this isn’t drying on my lips- very moisturizing. Once applied, leaves a nice stain. Does quickly change. Flattering and unique to each wearer. I would repurchase. Not because of the green color or because of the color changing. Because of the nice color I get from it. This and Jean Queen are my fave pinks! And that’s coming from a lady who has trouble finding a pink she likes and will stick with. Now, I have two!

Here’s my new rating based on the current lipsticks purchased:
6. Queen Bee
5. Medieval
4. Hello Sailor
3. Eden
2. Jean Queen
1. Frog Prince

Queen Bee remains the same at the last spot. I am not into the honey gold bronze shimmer. It is nice and interesting. It’s supposed to be a treatment. However, I don’t feel it moisturizing my lips, neither does it flatter due to the intense shimmer. Although, when applying Medieval (a nice natural blood-stain red) I find the color alright. Still, not my fave.
Medieval used to be my favorite. But I find it not staining my lips as Hello Sailor and Frog Prince does, resulting to a not so long wear. At first, this was my favorite over Hello Sailor. Then, Hello Sailor started cooperating. Medieval lost the competition between the two due to Hello Sailor creating a nice flattering berry stain on my lips.
Hello Sailor… what can I say? One of those “I love you. I hate you.” Works, then don’t. I think this time I got it working for me. However, I had to reapply throughout the day until it became a nice pigmented berry stain. Otherwise, like Medieval it would have not lasted.
Eden is a nice color and very flattering. The green shimmer isn’t too intense. I like this, but it’s not a daily wear. At least, not for me. This is more for a special occasion.
Jean Queen, a flattering pink shade contrasting with blue jeans. I love this lipstick even if I’m not wearing a blue jean. This is an everyday wear that doesn’t seem too much even while working with kids.
Frog Prince, if Jean Queen is the queen, then you Frog Prince, are the prince. Is that lame? I can’t see you shake your heads at that! Even if that was lame, it doesn’t change the fact that I love this lipstick. This lipstick doesn’t transfer. This is my first full day wearing this shade and while drinking my Everly flavor water drink, I had not one smear of lipstick on the glass bottle. It’s very nice and flattering. I find it brightens up my skin tone. What do you think?

Thanks for your time stopping by and reading. Have a good evening.

*peace&God Bless*

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