Philosophy: Take a Deep Breath!

What does philosophy mean?
Google search defined philosophy as “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.”
On Philosophy, they define philosophy as the wellbeing beauty brand that inspires women to look, live, and feel their best. Philosophy enhances the health and beauty of the skin through multi-tasking skin care and feel-good scents. They also provide uplifting words that nourish the spirit and inspire beautiful skin as well as beautiful days. Women everywhere can feel confident in their unique inner and outer beauty.love_header

Philosophy offers perfumes, bath and body, skincare, and makeup. A lot of us are familiar with their perfumes- Amazing Grace, Pure Grace, and Loveswept. Each perfume also has a bath and body multi-tasker that not only cleans your body, but also is designed to be used as a shampoo for hair.
At Macys couple months ago, I found the Take a Deep Breath skincare line. It is comprised of a moisturizer and an eye cream. It’s not a huge skincare line; instead, it’s a quick and simple two step one. In our busy lives who would want a complicated one anyways? I liked this when I was using it that I looked on their Philosophy site for more products in that line. That was when I found they also had a few makeup, which they call “color”. This makeup line consist of a foundation, a bronzer, and a blush. That’s it. So simple.

You see life more clearly when you take a moment to breathe.

You’ve seen it on all the philosophy products sold by Philosophy. They all have a quote to inspire and uplift women. Every perfume has a name and every name as a quote to define that name. This Take a Deep Breath line is no different. Because your body breathes naturally, when you are stressed or have a busy day ahead, you tend to forget to take a breath of fresh air. Breath in. Breathe out. This line is reminding us that if we take a deep breath we see life in a different way- clearly as they say. Not only do you need to breathe, but your skin does as well. That is why Philosophy created Take a Deep Breath line with its latest cushion technology with mesh filter for antibacterial purpose.


This  Oil-free oxygenating gel cream moisturizer (2oz) selling for $40, is designed to restore and refresh dull, dry complexion due to the busy life that ages skin. With the clean-air technology, skin receives oxygen and is able to breathe freely.
I did like the gel feeling on my face when I had tried it. My skin felt breathable, but at times sticky after applying. I think the stickiness might have been caused by putting excess amount on my skin. The next day when I applied less amount it didn’t have the sticky feeling. The sales rep at Macys cosmetics did say other customers complained about the stickiness too.
They now have this gel cream in a smaller size (0.5oz) selling for $14. Along with this gel cream, you can purchase on Philosophy a 0.5oz eye gel cream as well for $42. They do also have a twofer. You can buy both the face and eye oxygenating gel cream in full size (an $82 value) for $69.
Another twofer: you can purchase an 8oz Purity cleanser and a 0.5oz. This is $36 worth of products for $24, saving PHL_SKNCR_PMS_TADB_PRDCTwCRTN_DO_S7you $12, minus the taxes. I have tried the Purity cleanser and really liked it. It is a light cleanser. I have also tried the Purity mask. These are very simple to use. Purity is a 3-in-1 cleanser designed to cleanse, tone, and hydrate face all in one step. This cleanser also does well in removing makeup, especially the eye area.
I have not tried the eye gel cream, for a lot of products I put on my eye area tend to dry them. When applying the gel cream for the face around my eye area I didn’t have any dryness. Therefore, I may stick with just using the face one for my eyes or buy the eye one as well if I use it again.
I know, face moisturizer don’t go near your eyes… it can irritate your eyes. But even eye moisturizers can irritate your eyes. So what’s the difference? Other than one is made for the eyes and is quite expensive; while the other is made for the face and is a bit less expensive. By the way, can someone explain why eye treatments have to be more expensive than other treatments for face and/or body????


TADB-Bronzer-1oz-ProdWBox-70531301_S7Another product from this collection that I have not tried is their (1oz) Sheer Liquid Sunshine with clean-air technology selling for $35. This is a lightweight illuminator that leaves skin looking naturally radiant. You can either use it on certain areas where the sunlight hits your face for a sun-kissed look or use it all over for a warmed, and lit from within effect. This is a one shade only illuminator. There are no other shades for this product.

The last two products in this collection I have tried and are my favorite. These are the foundation and cheek products. I will begin with the TADB-Foundation-Shade3-00000000_S7foundation. This foundation is a cushion foundation with clean-air technology and SPF 20. This comes in five shades that are numbered 4-10 selling for $40.
On Philosophy they list only shades 4-8. You can also find this product on Ulta, which sells all shades. On Philosophy, each shade has a name along with the number- 4-warm vanilla, 5-neutral sand, 6-golden tan, 7-milky latte, and 8-warm sienna. Ulta only list the numbers in the description.
This foundation evens and smoothes texture with a breathable, weightless finish. This foundation has a mesh filter and along with their innovative cushion delivery system, the mesh filter provides a fine layer of perfecting color; instantly locking in hydration; blending and building beautifully for sheer to full coverage.
I purchased this foundation in the shade 8 (warm sienna). I find it a well blending foundation and like the mesh filter. It is easy to use, buildable, and not too much product comes on the sponge (included in each foundation compact) all at once. This sponge is washable. It is so easy to use you can even apply without a mirror. It does feel weightless. You can build this up depending on how you press the applicator against your face. If lightly pressed, you get a sheer coverage. If medium pressed, you will see a medium to full coverage.

TADB-Blush-Shade2-v3-00000000_S7And finally, the cushion color for cheeks (which can also be applied on lips as well). This is sold for $30 and comes in four different shades. Each shade, like the foundation is numbered; however, on Philosophy they each have a shade name as well: 4.5-bright pink, 5.5-coral, 6.5-rosy bronze, and 7.5-plum. This product weighs 0.12oz/3.5g each.
I like this blush a lot. I purchased the 7.5-plum one. I can control the amount of pigmentation I place on my cheeks. Therefore giving my cheeks either a nice sheer blush to a more richer and intense effect. This does last. I have no problems using this throughout the day. I applied this on in the morning. It is now 7:02pm and I have not once touched it up. Also, you can apply this blush onto your lips for a nice sheer to rich lip color.

What’s your fave?
What do you all think of this line? Do you own any products from Philosophy? If so, which is your fave. Have you tried Take a Deep Breath? Do you think Take a Deep Breath line helps your skin to breathe?

Philosophy had done some studies on their Take a Deep Breath gel cream moisturizer. From that studies, out of 45 women ages 20-35 years old who used the moisturizer twice daily for eight weeks, 85% felt skin could breathe freely and resist signs of a busy lifestyle.

The next time you wake up in the morning don’t forget that not only do you need to breathe, but your skin needs to breathe as well.

*peace&God Bless*

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