Aimless she walked among the earth not knowing what surprises were in store. All the people she loved, she watched them leave one by one; some never to see again, others someday may stumble upon. Without looking back she said her goodbyes. Then left to a paradise unknown. She gave up everything. All the luxury she had washed away to the shores of tomorrow.

No maps to guide her. Nothing, but a small bag and God walking beside her. The bag carried her dreams and she was determined to carry them out. Embraced with beauty and mind, she could have been something more- a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, or even a scientist. Instead, she undertook a path of simplicity, a road not often followed hoping to find herself amongst the senseless world.

*peace&God Bless*

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LMTP Journey

Hello everyone. My name is Lisa. Like many, I have been through a lot. Writing has been a passion of mine. As a child, I dreamed of being a writer, publishing my own book. I created this website in order to share my writings, thoughts, and get to know others who share the same interest as me. Thank you for your time spent on my website. I hope you stop by again! *peace&God Bless* Lisa

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