Prompt: Smooth

When I think about smooth, I think of the phrase “smooth sailing”, meaning it was a smooth ride or something that isn’t rough to the touch.

Merriam Dictionary ( defines “smooth” in many ways:

having a continuous even surface (2) of a curve : being the representation of a function with a continuous first derivative (3) : having or being a short even coat of hair <a smooth collie> — compare rough, wirehaired

b : being without hair

c : glabrous <a smooth leaf>

d : causing no resistance to sliding


: free from difficulties or impediments <the smooth course of his life>


: even and uninterrupted in flow or flight


: excessively and often artfully suave : ingratiating <a smooth operator>


a : serene, equable <a smooth disposition>

b : amiable, courteous


a : not sharp or harsh <a smooth sherry>

b : free from lumps

When I look at my nails and feel them after painting them, they can feel smooth unless I accidentally mess it up. Then, there will be bumps and not only will it not look good, it will also not feel and have a smooth finish.

When describing hair, hair can be smooth where there are no friz, rough, and/or dryness.

The car ride felt smooth enough that I fell asleep. There were no bumps, crazy driving, and the passenger didn’t feel car sick. In fact, the ride made him/her sleep like a baby.

For right now that is all I can come up with for a prompt on “smooth”. I am so tired I want to fall asleep, but we have family-friend over and I am waiting for them to leave before I get ready for bed.

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday night!

*peace&God Bless*

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