Prompt: Playful

Even though I am an adult, I do have some playfulness in me… perhaps, a bit too much. But even even Jesus wanted us to be like the little children.

As an assistant teacher at a private school, I work with kids ranging 3.5 to 4.5. At the previous daycare I worked with kids of all ages. I see their playfulness. Sometimes funny; sometimes cute; other times frustrating and annoying.

Playfulness is cute and funny when done at the appropriate time. When a kid is doing it just for attention and more often than once in awhile; if it’s disrupting the class, then playfulness is not good.

Being at a private school makes me miss daycares. Why? Yes, they do learn a lot. It’s a good system. But I find I can interact with the kids more, getting to know them, and letting them talk more at a daycare than a private school.

This private school, you come in, sit around a carpet, sing songs, then start paperwork. Playing is done before the teachers arrive for their class.

Then, it’s lunch time. After, nap time. Two o’clock they wake, give them water, read to them, go for snack, and play outside.

Come back from outside give some more water, go to class, sit around the carpet and sing songs again. Then around 4:30 they will play with some toys.

Friday’s are toy days for the kids to bring their toys. This age group encourages the kids to talk little about their toys. I feel that is great for the kids to express themselves.

Compared to this, daycares I’ve worked in the kids would play and learn. You could say they play often. One class I worked with the teacher gave morning paperwork and sent home weekly homework on Fridays. The parents had no complaints. Most of them encouraged it.

During those circle times, I felt I could let the kids interact one by one more with me.

WAIT! I just realized this blog is for a prompt on playfulness…. It’s amazing where one topic can lead you. At least, I stayed on topic of children! hehe.

Anyways, I feel like as an adult, playfulness may often times be looked down upon. For an adult, you have more responsibilities- you’re not a kid anymore.

But I feel like the playfulness just makes you who you are and makes you feel young. That playfulness brings joy in your life. It may even reduce a bit of stress in your life. A little playfulness doesn’t hurt. But like everything, playfulness has its limitations (even for kids!).

Thanks for reading my blog and as always have a wonderful day!

*peace&God Bless*


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