Prompt: Childhood

During my childhood, I grew up in PA. I wasn’t born there. I wasn’t born in US. But I’ve lived here since I was about two years old.

Although I can’t remember much of my childhood, I remember I used to read a lot, a few favorite teachers, playing basketball, riding my bike and falling on the driveway resulting with a bloody knee.

I remember having babysitters come and go. Only one I remember liking out of the two I remember.

My brother used to deliver newspapers. Whenever he couldn’t, I’d do it. My first cassette my Dad purchased for me was Britney Spears’ …Baby One More Time. My brother got a CD player and I begged my Dad for one. He wouldn’t buy a CD player due to the pricing, so I asked for a cassette player (remember those?). The cassettes were a bit cheaper than the CD players anyways.

I remember purchasing my next cassette- NSYNC. I danced to I Need Love during the school talent show, with the help of a student teacher who choreographed my dance routine because all I did during the first meeting was cartwheels (I know, so dumb, right?). I have to say doing cartwheels at that time was better than my shyness. At least I tried.

I remember church trips to a water park every summer and alterserving at mass. Back then I was really big church goer and loved volunteering Sunday’s for Sunday school. My neighbor directed religious education those years. While everyone my age sleeps in on Sunday’s, I woke around 6am to leave with her to the school. I stayed there until 12:00 mass. Then, went home with parents.

Back when I was a child, the home in PA, I used to be afraid of a room. The room where guest enter through the front porch door. I used to believe something or someone was behind the couch and whenever I was alone or my parents were in the tv room watching a show, I could never go near that room.

I remember walking around in the basement singing songs because I was so scared of singing in front of people (yeah, like no one could hear me from upstairs :P).

The school I went to, during my childhood, there mascot was hornets. My favorite teachers were Mrs Rice and Ms Gracenin, who married the year I had her as a teacher.

Selling Girl Scout cookies and going to places like Sea World and Savannah, Georgia. Savannah, Georgia was the first place I heard about Bloody Mary. Some of the girls stood in front of a bathroom mirror of a house we were looking inside, and they started saying “Bloody Mary” three times, then screamed.

Quiet, loner girl with a few friends and the only best friend was my writing. It was where I shared my emotions completely judgement-free.

A friend started calling me Licia because when we took Spanish that was my Spanish name. She also called me Liser. That was back in middle school days when we and another friend added “er” at the end of our names.

During my childhood, I felt depressed, anxious and the only things that created a spark of happiness, if only for a second were: writing a poem or lyric, listening to music, and volunteering. Just helping people brought feelings in my heart I can’t describe. It felt good to help.

During my childhood, I saved more easily than I do now. In fact, I saved cash that my brother sometimes asked for money from me. Also, once in awhile (very rare) my Dad asked to borrow. Now, I just suck at it.

Compared to my childhood, I was more patient back then than I am now. I also was able to sense when someone was feeling down or positive/negativity around me. That feeling made me scared at times. I lost the feeling as I grew older.

Well, I wrote a lot more than my head, at first thought. What about your childhood? What happened? What was your favorite part? Your worst? Your fun times? Best memories? Etc.

Thanks for reading. Have a great rest of Sunday!

*peaceGod Bless*


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