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Hello everyone. How are you? Two days ago I started having pain on my right side cheek…. I didn’t think at first it was concerning my teeth. No teeth was hurting. Next day, during work, the pain started increasing and the area started swelling. I noticed when I swallowed sometimes I would taste blood. My Mom thought I may have a busted abscess, which either will go away on its own or with an antibiotic. Because I didn’t have any dental insurance until June 1st, I didn’t want to see a dentist. Therefore, decided maybe it will eventually go away.

WRONG! The pain didn’t go away and neither did the swelling. Eating and talking made the pain worse that I had to take Advil. Advil did help. But after 6-8 hours, if I didn’t continue taking it, the pain would come back and it would be far more worse than before.

This morning when I woke, my Mom noticed the swelling that was at my cheek area went all the way to my chin area. I gave in to scheduling an appointment with a dentist due to an increase in swelling.

I, myself, do not like dentist visits. Ever since I was little I didn’t like going. It’s uncomfortable and I have bad gag reflexes. Every dentist visit I would hear that my teeth wasn’t brushed good. My last visit to a dentist was in 2011 before the dentist I saw growing up retired. That’s 5 years of not seeing one.

Made Ya Smile is a dentist company. I saw them today. As nervous as I was, the visit wasn’t all that bad. And I actually enjoyed seeing my teeth pictured on the screen. The swelling and pain wasn’t a tooth problem. It was more an increase of grinding and clenching of my teeth due to stress. The dentist said, if you grind your teeth during the day, chances are you are grinding at night more hard.

I used to grind and clench before. But during the day it wasn’t so bad. Once in awhile. Night time was when I did it a little more. But since last year, I noticed I been grinding and clenching more and even harder than before. I don’t know why. Even couple days ago I had clenched my teeth together hard for a second or so.

Anyways, today I had a deep gum cleaning and laser treatment. In the near future I will need to plan on investing in a night guard. But for now, I stuck with the gum cleaning and laser treatment, and invested in a dentist recommended new chargeable automatic toothbrush- Philips Sonicare 3-Series Gum Health.

Taken from Philips Sonicare 3 Series Gum Health

After my first use, I actually like the Philips Sonicare. I need to get used to of not applying pressure to the teeth with the brush and let the brush do its job. I also need to learn how to set some of the settings because I wanted to set the easy start one, but I think I may have changed the quad and the smart timer.

What is a quad? It’s actually known as Quadpacer. Quadpacer is separating your mouth into four sections. For 30 seconds, you brush your first side of the four sections (front and back). After you brushed that side, the vibration will stop letting you know it’s time to switch to another section.

What is a smart timer? Dentist recommends brushing your teeth for two minutes. For whatever reason, not all of us do this. Often times we may think we are brushing for two minutes. But if we really pay attention to a clock, we notice we don’t always use the full two minutes. That is the job for smart timer. It will automatically turn off after two minutes.

This brush is safe on dental work and braces, however with braces, the bristles may wear quicker and may need to replace less than three months. Philips describes Sonicate’s sonic technology- “Our sonic technology creates a unique dynamic cleaning action that drives fluid deep between teeth and along the gumline for a thorough-yet-gentle clean.” Philips say this brush removes 6x’s more plaque along the gumline than regular toothbrushes.

There are three intensity settings for a gentle experience. Along with those settings, you have the option to set your toothbrush on “easy start”. This means that for 12-14 days, depending on your brush, you will gradually get used to the feeling of using your brush. Each usage you will brush for one minute on a lower speed. Each day the speed may increase until you are used to of it. Then, you can brush your teeth for the full two minutes under any setting, preferably not the easy start.

Have any of you used a Sonicare? I was at first nervous using it today due to the deep gum cleaning and laser treatment. My gums are a bit sore. So, I didn’t know how rough the brush would be on the gums. But I have to say, brushing on my gums didn’t hurt. I felt better using it. I feel like my teeth are more cleaned. I followed up with the Original Listerine, which I plan to switch to Crest ProHealth Alcohol Free.

This Sonicare 3 Series Gum Health sells for $89.99; however, Walgreens is currently selling it for $69.99 (not including taxes). You may also use your Walgreens Rewards saved points as cash to save additional, which will reduce the selling price more, saving you a lot of money! 😀

Hope you enjoyed this review and will come again soon! Thanks for your time and reading this and/or my other blogs! Have a good evening.

*peace&God Bless*


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