Katy Perry’s Katy Kat Covergirl Lipsticks In Stores

Meow! Katy Kat fans have something to look for in their local (and nonlocal) Walgreens stores. Katy’s new lipstick line comes in eleven shades. And Katy states there’s a color for everyone.

But act fast, most shades sell out quickly.

These lipsticks are all demi-matte. If you know Katy, you know she’s a cat lady. Her cat-inspired lipstick line, on Covergirl’s YouTube channel, Katy stated Tumblr had inspired her as well.

Out of the eleven shades, I purchased and tried three so far: Cat Call (KP06), Kitty Purry  (KP07), and Maroon Meow (KP09).


Cat Call:



Normally I don’t like a shade like this, but I think this one looks alright for me.

Kitty Purry:



Out of the three, this is my least favorite shade on me.

Maroon Meow:



This is the shade I usually go for on myself.

These lipsticks feel soft and velvety on my lips just like Covergirl and Katy herself describes her lipstick line. They are demi-matte.

Wearing the Maroon Meow gives me dejavu to the liquid lipsticks I have tried before. When applying Anastasia Beverly Hills, Stila, and Tarte’s liquid lipsticks on my lips, I feel a soft texture similar to these lipsticks.

Testing the transfer resistance test, are these demi-mattes non-transferable? For me, no. The only lipsticks I tested was Maroon Meow. This test was done couple minutes after I had applied the lipstick to my lips.


Bare in mind this is demi-matte, not matte. If you are looking for non-transferable, try matte. It will be more dry-lip feel, but it will give what you are looking for.

This has no glossy-ness to it. I applied this not too long ago, so the duration of wear, as of right now, I am not sure. But will let you know in the next couple days.

In her line, she also has two mascaras- Katy Kat Eye in black and blue.

Based on Walmart website, they are now taking pre-orders, which will be shipped on May 19th (two of the eleven shades will not be shipped until June). Each shade sells for about $6. Currently, Walgreens online site does not list these lipsticks. However, they are sold in the stores for around $7. Covergirl’s site list selling price as $7.99, though prices vary.

For more information on Katy Perry’s new Covergirl lipstick/mascara line, please visit Covergirl‘s website or watch on Covergirl’s YouTube.

If you tried or want to try any of these, let me know what you think about them. As always, thanks for reading and stopping by!

*peace&God Bless*


Tried and tested, Maroon Meow last about 5 to 6 hours on my lips. I applied this on my lips around 8am and left for work. Around 12 I checked and there were little flakes on the inside lining of the lip. Other than that, there wasn’t any noticeable fading. I did reapply before lunch break ended, around 2pm because that time I saw it a little more fading. But the color payoff was still a thumbs up. Even though I didn’t need to, I still applied the lipstick at that time because I wouldn’t be able to until 4 hours. It seemed like within that timeframe the lipstick would fade away more. After awhile wearing, my lip feels dry. The velvety texture is still there; however, as I press my lips together there’s more of dryness than soft, velvety feeling. I like this shade and am happy with the payoff even if there’s dryness and flakes after couple hours of wear. Even though it’s demi-matte, it’s still a matte. Therefore, I expected this lipstick to dry. And the dryness isn’t as bad as a matte lipstick.

Thanks for reading and for your time!

*peace&God Bless*


Just an update! Katy Kat Matte’s are available on Walgreens site for purchase and doesn’t require pre-order like Walmart.

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