NEW: Tati’s Halo Beauty

Hey everyone. So one of the makeup/skincare gurus I watch on YouTube, Tati Westbrook made a new vitamin supplement. In the future, she hopes to expand her company with more than just vitamins- she wants to add skincare and makeup lines as well.

I just received the package today. Below shows the packaging layout inside. There was no note or any receipt.

After work, I went to Great Clips to get a 1″ trim and keep my long layers I had from previous haircut.

The above pictures were taken last Sunday, April 8, 2018. Below, taken today.

I also took pictures of my face on different sides to show how my face looks now.

And finally, my nails…

I know my nails are gross and unkept. I don’t always paint my nails often and I don’t go to salon every once a month or weekly. This picture was taken without cutting my nails or anything. I do plan on cutting them with a nail cutter- nothing else. Unsure if I will remove the nail polish and repaint. But definitely want to cut them a bit.

I have heard mixed reviews on this. I wanted to try this supplement when it first came out; however, due to some reviews, I was a bit iffy. Tati’s last YouTube video in answering questions about this made me decide to try it to see if it works for me. I didn’t think it would hurt to try. I can always stop taking them if needed.

Have you heard of Halo Beauty? Have you seen any of Tati’s videos? What’s your thoughts on this? I’m actually excited to try this vitamin even if it’s a brand new one. According to Halo Beauty, this vitamin is made without:

No Preservatives

No Parabens

Gluten Free

Soy Free

Sugar Free

Cruelty Free

and Vegan!

I wanted to try this supplement mainly because it’s made soy free, sugar free, and gluten free. Although I don’t have a gluten problem, wheat does upset my stomach, and corn can upset my stomach, and I have Nickel (Food) Allergy where I can only consume a low nickel diet rich foods. I thought this would be interesting to try.

Each bottle contains 60 capsules; taken two a day, this vitamins last upto 30 days. Halo Beauty cost $39.95 (not including taxes).

Thanks for reading! I’ll try to update on this vitamin as much as I can.

LA Girl Inspire Palette

Hello everyone. Yesterday I purchased an LA Girl eyeshadow palette in Be Bold and Beautiful. It’s a beautiful palette and I really like how it feels swatching it on my fingers.

First application, I don’t think it showed much. I didn’t apply a primer underneath. That could have helped the pigmentation.

Before leaving, I applied a second amount of two shades. When doing this I noticed a small bump on my left eye. I’m kind of nervous because my eyes are feeling slightly irritated like they used to when I used Urban Decay and Kat Von D eye products. Those were my favorite companies for eyes. After giving them a break for few years, I tried Kat Von D again and hadn’t had much irritation; however, I don’t wear her eye makeup a lot.

Anyone know what could be causing irritation? I’m sure it’s not the other products because I’ve been using them before- Maybelline’s precise liquid liner, Milani’s eyeliner that’s meant for waterline, and Tarte’s Gifted mascara.

I think I’m going to have to return this palette. I haven’t had any irritation from other palettes I have tried so far. I’m still wearing it and will see how it does during the day.

Other than that, this palette is really beautiful and I was hoping to be my daily wear.

On my lips is Physician’s Formula Healthy liquid lipstick. I love this shade, Vitamin Beet. I thought it was a nice Spring color.

Kayla Ann’s Lipsessed!

Hello everyone! How are you?

I have been watching purplestars02 on YouTube. She does lip balm reviews. Last year, she started her own lip balm company on eBay and has recently opened an Etsy shop. I have been wanting to purchase some of her’s. But for various reasons I didn’t. Last week I decided to bite the bullet and order some.

On eBay, a single lip balm is priced at $3 and shipping is the same. For a two pack- $6, with shipping $3. And four pack- $11.99 with $3 shipping as well.

For one single lip balm to be $3, I don’t mind. But the shipping to be the same amount as the lip balm, that was a bit iffy for me. I purchased seven scented lip balms and just received them. I have to say, shipping is quick. It took only two days to deliver. Packaging was nice and convenient. It’s not a huge box for a small order like some companies package products. She used the space provided and I really liked that.

She also added lollipop and a card with a “business” card.

The seven scents I have are:

Warm Apple Streudal, Sweet Petal Rose, Watermelon Lemonade, Gummy Bear Popsicle, Pumpkin Pie Soft Serve, Cinnamon Raisin Cookie, and The Perfect S’more.

My nose is congested and I am having trouble smelling some of these. Still, some of the scents have stood out more than others.

Warm Apple Streudal- this one I smelled first and love it! I applied this on to see how it feels.

This feels nice and smooth on the lips. The only thing I noticed is when applying on my lips, the product seems to melt a little in the tube. Therefore, I feel like it can get messy.

This Cinnamon Raisin Cookie is another that stood out. I am very surprised that I love this scent because usually these types I don’t necessarily like. This really does smell and remind me of a cinnamon raisin cookie.

Sweet Rose Petals has a nice scent. The first time opening and smelling I couldn’t smell anything. But the next time I tried again, there was a faint smell. When my nose clears up I will have to check the scent again! But that faint smell I noticed a nice rose. Hopefully, it will remain a nice rose smell when my nose is well.

Watermelon Lemonade I notice has a subtle light pink tint.

This one, again, once my nose clears up hopefully I can smell it more. This and Gummy Bear Popsicle (her two spring shades) were the main reason I decided to purchase a few of her lip balms.

Gummy Bear Popsicle right now has a berryness smell. I cannot figure out the scent of this and it is very light. I love the packaging.Pumpkin Pie Soft Serve- I can smell slight pumpkin. Pumpkin smell is the reason I wanted this one. I love pumpkin pie.The Perfect S’more has a strong s’more scent to me. I may or may not use this one. It came in a four pack that pumpkin spice was in. Because of my nickel food allergy, I may just give this away. This does smell really nice though. I used to love s’mores.

Overall, I do like the packaging and the scent of each of these. I do not like how one single lip balm price is the same for shipping. I wish these lip balms were a bit cheaper, but it is homemade; so, she does have to price it to the point she can make money and also buy products to support her brand in order to keep making more. I hope in the future she makes flavored ones.

One thing about packaging, I wished the cap would be on tighter. Some of them opened really easy. One lip balm seemed closed tighter than all the others. I’m glad I purchased these. Would I purchase again? I may. I don’t know because I have plenty of lip balms already and it wasn’t something I needed at the time. I mainly buy from stores. But I’m glad I can support her in this purchase.

These lip balms are homemade and include beeswax, Shea butter, avocado oil, coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin e, and flavor oils. Each lip balm contains 0.15 oz product.

Compared to Lip Smackers lip balms, these are more creamier and melting. They have no flavors- only scents. And each lip balm, except for the watermelon lemonade has no tint- that watermelon lemonade has a slight pink tint (not sure if she intended that). Packaging is cute and the names are unique. She includes images relating to the scent names. I think it’s worth it to try at least one lip balm from her.

Have you tried her brand? Be sure to check her out on YouTube:

And check her Lipsessed out on eBay! Lot’s of Love! Lipsessed pack

Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks

Hi everyone! How are you?

Kat Von D has new lipsticks released. It’s her reformulated Star Studded Creme Lipsticks. I ordered and received three of the forty shades. The three I ordered are the ones I already owned from her original formula.

I been watching YouTube videos on her liquid lipsticks and swatches of the new lipsticks. I wanted to swatch the liquid lipsticks I own currently. Most of my collection is mini sizes. Five of them I believe are limited edition, but you can still purchase currently on the Sephora website and I’m sure on Kat Von D’s as well.

While swatching, some of these, especially the lighter shades, looked patchy and horrible on me. I feel it would look better on other skin tones. I can still pair those up with my other favorite shades, like I show on one of the swatches.

Here goes!

Saint and Sinner collection:

Kat Von D launched her new perfume last year. With this, she released mini liquid lipsticks included with rollerball perfume. Below are swatches of Saint and Sinner. Because Saint was too light on me, i paired it with Sinner on third picture. I love the shade Sinner. Pairing Saint with Sinner made me less fearful of the shade and made it both more wearable and usable on me.

The next eight mini shades are from her holiday set, which contains one limited edition shade.

The first shade is Exorcism. When swatching in store, I would feel this is too bold, too dark for me. I used to wear these shades, but last year drifted from darker to lighter shades. Wearing this one, is feel uncomfortable a bit. But trying it now, I really liked it and felt it was perfect for me.

Madrid, above, is my favorite. I love this shade. It is limited edition. You will only find it in this set. But I think the set is worth buying.

This one wasn’t my favorite. I think it’s too light for me. When I first saw it on my lips, it reminded me of Saint. And so I did a swatch of both together. I think Lovecraft and Saint are two shades I can pair with darker shades.

Above, Saint is on the left and Lovecraft is on right.

Ludwig is next and to me, it looked like a whiteout, with color. I think it would look good paired with some shades. For me, it’s not an everyday wear by itself.

I love Sanctuary. It is another favorite of mine. I feel like it’s not too pigmented applied on my lips… like “my lips, but better”… but it’s not the shade of my lips. I like it for an everyday wear.

Hawkwind is another I like and for me is an everyday wearable shade. I feel like Ludwig can be mixed with this shade like I did with Saint and Sinner.

“Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.” That’s all I can think when I read this shades name. Last year, this shade was too bold, too dark- just like Exorcism. However, now I actually like it. Would I wear it daily? Maybe. In my head, this and Exorcism could be paired with lighter shades like I did with Sinner and Saint. That would be a nice daily wear.

Black. Pure black. Not a daily wear for me. Even for Halloween, I’m too scared to wear this one. I don’t know why. Last year, I wore Sephora’s black with my Halloween look. It’s less drying. But that’s not why I chose it over this. There’s something about this black, when I look at it, I feel awkward. It could be because of the color and it’s out of my comfort zone. This Halloween, I may try it with my last year’s costume.

And so that concludes the eight set mini holiday collection.

Now onto her limited edition Farm Sanctuary collection. This set, proceeds go to help the Farm Sanctuary.

Four cute animals with names that named these shades.

Bruno is a beautiful shade of purple. This to me would be too bold to wear. Even on a weekend, I’d never see myself wearing it. But when I apply it on, I don’t know what it is about this beautiful shade, but it makes me smile and brighten up my day. It always makes me feel good and makes me feel like I look pretty. In fact, I actually wore it one weekend shopping. I felt confident walking around with this shade.

I want to love Julia shade, but it’s not for me. Again, this is another shade perfect for mixing with deeper shades.

The last two shades are another favorites of mine. The next one I never expected to like or want to wear. It resembles A-Go-Go (her neon orange shade). I tried that few years ago and decided it wasn’t for me. I may try it again; see if my mind changed.

This one is Thumbelina. This shade resembles neon orange shade called A-Go-Go. I actually love it. It’s not so bright like the neon shade. It’s more in the wearable orange tone. I’m very picky with orange tones, or at least I was; yet, this shade is one of the oranges I love.

And last but not least, Hilda. Hilda is a nice brown shade. I like it and would wear it daily. Usually, browns look weird on me or at least, that’s how I feel. Not this one and not others I have shown previously from her liquid lipstick collection.

That’s all I have as of now. I hope to later purchase more of these and more of her regular lipsticks which the new creme lipsticks are now in the same shades as liquid lipsticks. Not all of the shades are in both creme and liquid lipsticks, but most of them are.

What’s your favorite shade?

Have a great weekend!

Prompt: Reservation


“You don’t have to save me, but would you run away with me…” Taylor Swift’s Call It What You Want To

He calls her up,

From the sound of her voice,

You can tell

Something is wrong.

A click and silence on the other end.

Alone, or so she thought.

She sat on the couch,

Staring at the blank screen,

Comforting herself with a cozy blanket,

She slowly drifts off.

Couple minutes later,

Startled, she sees him standing in front of her.

Surprised and speechless,

He left work early,

Made reservations just for the two.

The rest of the day,

It’s just them two.

L’Oréal Infallible Mattes… Are They the Same?

Hey everyone. How are you? Hope your New Year’s week is well and the first day back for lots of us went great.

Two days ago I tried YouTubing on L’Oréal’s Infallible Matte Paints and their Pro Matte Liquid Lipsticks. But I only found one video… and it was mainly swatches of them. Now that I own a Pro Matte, I see differences in the way the two apply. I wondered if others had the same reactions. I am no professional reviewing these two and I only own one shade from each collection… still, I think it would be cool to review on these.

Let’s start with the Infallible Matte Paints. L’Oreal heard a lot of their customers wants for Mattes when their regular Lip Paints launched. And so, the Mattes came to be. I have the shade #350 Cinna-Bomb. They now have two finishes: Matte and Metallic. The Mattes have six shades while metallics only four. So, the shade selection is very limited with these Lip Paints.

The applicator is a nice doe foot one that easily applies the shade on your lips. I have no problems with this. I love the packaging how it is in a squeezable paint tube. I also like that it comes with a brush.

The pigment applies smoothly; however between this and the Pro Matte liquid lipsticks, these feel like less product is coming on the brush and dryness during application. It is very nice and pigmented. I do feel like with this one I need to redip to get more product. It takes awhile to dry down to a matte finish; however, not as long as the Pro Matte. I haven’t worn it all day to say how the wear time of this and the other differs or similar. The company claims on their site the applicator is designed for a one swipe high pigmentation. For me, I didn’t get one swipe for my whole lips- redipping was needed.

Now to this Pro Matte liquid lipstick. It has a different applicator, which seems to hold onto more product; therefore, no need to redip.

I do like the other applicator a bit better than this one seeing it was quicker to apply and less chances of me making a mess on my lips. But I prefer this one knowing the brush held more product, enough to complete one coat all over my lips.

This Pro Matte shade is #362 Plum Bum.

When I swatched this shade on my skin, the other already set to it’s dry transferproof. This Plum Bum seems to take forever to completely dry, but is very pigmented. I don’t know if I put too much, but it’s the middle of my lips I still feel will transfer some. The formula reminds me of the regular Pro Matte-Glosses. I have three shades of those. They seem to be more thicker than this one.

I think the Pro Matte is a bit more comfortable on drying process and wear than the Matte Lip Paint. That’s my opinion. Others may find it vice versa or neither or both comfortable. The Matte Lip Paint definitely dries down to a complete matte finish while the Pro Matte should and for the most part did with exception of my middle part of lips. It needed a little bit extra time. I had that product on for over twenty minutes. The Matte Lip Paints definitely dry quicker, but I think it’s cause less product is applied to the lips and is already a bit on the “dry” side due to the amount of product applied and redipping is needed.

Both products are $10 a piece. There’s no differences in the price. You may not find them both at the same stores. I find that most stores carry one or the other. There might be one that carries both in the store; I don’t know and I’m not sure if any online store sites carry both either.

As for the smells, they both have a smell I don’t like. But I can smell it stronger in the Pro Matte than with the Matte Lip Paint. In my previous blog I stated I only smelled the Pro Matte when I wanted to, but when doing this review, I noticed the scent strongly immediately after opening the product. Still, once applied on my lips, this Pro Matte, like the other’s scent, does not linger. At least for me, I don’t smell it after applied to my lips.

I do feel it best to state there’s a warning sign on the L’Oreal website for the Pro Matte. I don’t know what’s in the formula for it to be a flammable product; however, stay clear of flames (candles, fire of any…) while the wet product is having its moment to settle on your lips. Once dry, you should be fine. At least, that’s what the warning states do not use near fire, flame, or heat until dry- flammable until dry. The other one doesn’t have the same warning. Therefore, if you’re a little… (or a lot) scared, worried, anything like that matter, you’d best just stay clear of this one all together and stick with the Matte Lip Paints. If you do go with the Pro Matte, just heed the warning.

I hope you have a lovely day!

L’Oreal Pro Matte Liquid Lip

Hi everyone. How are you? How was your New Years? Today is back to work for me and I’m sure for a lot of you. So, have an awesome day back even if it means the Monday Blues.

Yesterday, I purchased a few lipsticks even though I made a resolution not to purchase unless I needed. I already broke a resolution on the first day! But in my defense, I returned three products from before 2018 and used that money to buy it. I just may have spent a little more than the return value. Return purchases were from Walmart and bought purchases were from CVS. CVS is a little more pricier, but extrabucks rewards and sales, I can’t say no.

I noticed CVS had L’Oreal products 40% off and I took advantage of that coupon by buying one of their Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipsticks. I have their Pro Matte Gloss ones in three shades and I like them, but it’s a thick consistency and a bit on the shinier side than I’m used to. They have amazing pigmentation and feel very comfortable. I can even get over the formula texture on my lips. It’s just one of those I feel not for an everyday wear.

But I have been wanting to try their Pro Mattes since the day I first saw them. Yet, I have been saying no from that very day. When I saw CVS had 40% off coupon on my visit New Year’s Day, I just had to get one.

The shades are a major turn off for me when it came to wanting them but not purchasing them. With a few shade selections and priced at $10… I just couldn’t say yes to them.

They have 12 shades, which is pretty good. However, most of the shades were not appealing to me or a big iffy. I chose #362 Plum Bum. I searched it on my lips the moment I went to my room and I have to say I love the feeling of it. I applied it at 5:57PM. It was 6:20 some and the dry down was in the ok status. Not completely dried, but I think it was how I applied it that made it take more longer.

When first applied, this shade does have a tackiness to it. I hated the feeling of my lips pressed together. Even if I closed my lips as I normally do, I felt it. But it quickly dissipated once the formula dries down.

The smell of this product is quite displeasing. I can’t tell what it is but I feel it’s a strong one and rather a chemical one. But I never had a problem with the scent when it came to most lipsticks once applied to my lips, I don’t smell them. In fact, the only time I noticed the smell was when I actually tried smelling it.

I cannot tell you how long this will last and how will it fade on lips. I haven’t worn it all day. L’Oreal does have pretty good reviews on these. On their website these lippies have 4.4 stars out of 5 with 555 reviewers. You can’t beat that. Because it didn’t fully completely dry down, I cannot tell you the feeling it leaves- is it drying (comfortable or not)? I seriously don’t know. I just know it felt so comfortable on my lips as the dry time ticked away. When completely dried, I’m sure it will have some dryness. Even if it’s a comfort matte, some may see it drying. To each their own.

Just know, there is a warning until completely dry, these lipsticks are flammable. So, don’t go sitting near a fire or candle expecting coziness and warmth while these are still wet on your lips. You’ll be getting a little too cozy and feel the winter burns I guess.

Have a good rest of your day. Below is information taken straight from L’Oreal website.

This is taken from L’Oréal’s site:

Liquid Matte Finish. Up to 16HR of Wear. High Impact Color. Comfortable Wear.

The Pro-Matte Sensation: Introducing Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Lipstick, our 1st up to 16HR matte liquid lipstick. Intense high pigment shades create comfortable, lasting ultra-matte color. This full-coverage, long wear liquid lipstick feels light for all day comfort. With the pro-sculpt applicator, shape and add dimension to lips.

CAUTION: Flammable until dry. Do not use near fire, flame, or heat.

Apply starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to outer edges of your lips, following the contour of your mouth. Then glide across the bottom lip and fill in. To take off, use an oil-based makeup remover for best results.